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Good location: in the center, almost opposite the station. Convenient for travel. The hotel building is a historical house - the villa of Karl Künn. Disadvantages: "It is advisable to indicate that the registration of accommodation takes place at the address .... The rooms are located in two buildings that are nearby. We arrived at a closed gate. Then they suggested where to go.
I liked it very much, clean, quiet.
Nice hotel, friendly staff, comfortable and clean room. Removed a star for lack of screens on the windows. I recommend the hotel. Quiet, clean and comfortable
I rested in a single room on the second floor, located on Lenin Street (the hotel has two buildings, the second is located in an architectural monument). Good location - very central, next to the train station. The room is clean, linens are white and the bed is comfortable. Rooms with an old renovation, but it did not bother me, cleaning was carried out regularly. There were no queues for showers and toilets. There were no complaints about the staff.
More than once I stayed overnight in the "Golden Bay" in a single room with a shared toilet and shower on the floor. Shared toilet is not a problem at all. There was never a queue. The room has a bed, a wardrobe, a table with a chair, a bedside table, a TV, a sink. The linen is excellent, there is a towel. The room is clean. Very convenient location of the hotel. Near a cafe, cable car to the sea, bus stop, railway station. Shops and souvenir shops around. Before Yantar - Hall 10-15 minutes on foot - depending on who walks. I'll come again!